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  • FAQ

    How to share Posts on Livinvia?

    The process of sharing blog post is very simple, you just have to register yourself and after verifying your email address you can start sharing blog posts.

    How can Livinvia Increase my Blog Traffic?

    Livinvia is visited daily by many people from all over the world. The majority of them are readers who look for new posts on their prefered niches. Also brands comes to Livinvia to find bloggers for business. For this reason, we encourage you to spend some time to make your pubilic profil sexy to give them a reason to contact you.

    We also share your posts on our social media (Facebook page and group, Twitter, Pinterest) to help you find more readers to your blog.
    Livinvia is made by bloggers, so we know what you need to boost your blog. And this is an infographic to explain you how can Livinvia helps you achieve your goals with minimal effort:
    How Livinvia works

    How Long Does It Take To Get My Post Validated?

    It's depend on the number of post that we receive. We are using queue based on first come first serve. In generally, for free post, we need 3 to 4 days to validate it. But we give priority to paid posts we validate it in just a few hours.

    Did not find what you were looking for? send us your question here and we will answer you ASAP