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  • 12 New Year Resolutions For a Happy & Productive 2018

    12 New Year Resolutions For a Happy & Productive 2018
    Melitta Campbell - 01 Jan 2018 - Entrepreneurship
    Melitta Campbell Home Business Success Coach
    The jury is out on whether setting New Year’s Resolutions is a good idea or not, but personally, I feel there is never a bad time to reflect on where you are and start making some positive changes.   If you want to build new positive habits, aim to introduce just one, maximum two, at a time. More than that and you'll be overwhelmed and you'll find yourself going back to your old habits faster than a bottle of Verve disappears on New Year's Eve! Stuck for ideas, here are 21 New Years Resolutions ideas to help you enjoy a happier and more productive 2018. Read the source page

      New Year, Resolutions, 2018, Happiness, Productivity