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  • 21 ways to build your confidence today

    21 ways to build your confidence today
    Melitta Campbell - 30 Aug 2017 - Entrepreneurship
    Melitta Campbell Home Business Success Coach

    Lack of confidence stops many business owners from achieving the success they deserve. Don't let it stop you!

    When I work with new business owners, I see the number one issue holding them back is a lack of confidence.


    This is very natural, especially since most of the women I work with have never run a business before and many haven't been engaged in paid work for several years.


    If you feel that you are in a similar position, the good news is that you are in control of your confidence levels and you can decide to start taking action.


    I've watched the women I work with grow in confidence along with their skills, knowledge and results.  

    With these 21 tips - you too can get your confidence back!  Continue reading

      confidence, home business, success

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