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  • 30+ options to update your kids room

    30+ options to update your kids room
    Anika Schmitt - 12 Sep 2017 - Home & Garden
    My Home and Yours

    Being a working mom means that kids summer holidays suddenly turn your summers into a juggle. In Spain summer holidays last for almost 3 month! A nightmare!

          “Would I ever have thought calling summer a nightmare??? ” haha NOOO!!!, not until I had my daughter. And please DON´T get me wrong, I am totally in love with her and feel blessed being able to spend so much time with her, however I have to say the struggle of getting it organized of who can look after her when, while we try to keep up with work, really makes me wish school holidays in summer would be shorter. Don´t you sometimes feel the same?

         Anyway, start of school is just around the corner and this year our little princess is getting into primary!!! A big thing!

    Well, not quiet as in Germany, were moms have to prepare a huge “Schultüte”  – a colorful cardboard cone almost as tall as the kids them selves, stuffed with sweets and all sorts of goodies, little toys, pens, … trying to sweeten up the start of many years of hard studying.

    Here in the Basque Country however there isn´t really any tradition celebrating the first day of school. Never the less our little girl believes that with the start of school she will be more “grown up”,  so we decided to give her the ambience for it and upgraded her toddlers nursery into a little/big girls room. For that we went through tons of inspiration, of which you can see a good selection in this pinterest folder. Get inspired and do it yourself! 

    We finally decided to keep the colors neutral, so that it can grow with her for a few more years to come.

    – She got a huge bed, so friends can sleep over!

    – As she is obsessed with clouds we painted the walls with about a hundred of them!

    – A nice shelf fits all her books and at the same time works as a doll house – later on who knows what she will stuff it with

    – A study desk, still very simple, as she will sure fill it up with all sorts of clutter in no time! (facing a collage of my hand printed fabric art prints)

    – In front of the window a cosy armchair for story reading, with of course one of my name pillows exclusively made for her, which made her feel so very special! Each time a friend or any person comes over she has to show it off! haha – This makes me so happy! 

    Of course at this point I cannot miss the chance to ask you to check out, which one might be YOUR favorite kids cushion or art print, so just check them all out and please let me know below which one is your winner! Remember each cushion comes in 9 colors, so there should be one that is just right for you!

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