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  • 5 Everyday Makeup Finds That Are Easy to Use

    5 Everyday Makeup Finds That Are Easy to Use
    Beka - 15 May 2018 - Smart Living
    Let's talk new everyday makeup finds! I'm sharing five faves that have really made a difference to my overall everyday makeup look these past few months. With my 40-something birthday fast approaching, I need everyday makeup that's easy to use, less faddish or on trend, yet targeted and more hardworking. Items such as a long-wearing concealer, a colour corrector, eyeshadows that are easy to apply and finger application friendly, plus lipsticks that are well formulated and long-lasting. A good colour corrector coupled with a good concealer really makes more impact and a world of difference so let's begin there.

    Chanel Le Correcteur de Chanel Colour Corrector in Abricot is a peachy, creamy, colour corrector that really has made a difference in the way my concealer applies and how long it lasts. Sure, it's much easier and faster to just apply concealer, but there have been too many times when concealers just don't cover enough, brighten enough or last on my skin. Read the source page

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