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  • 5 practical gift ideas for new mums (new mum survival kit)

    5 practical gift ideas for new mums (new mum survival kit)
    Nikhila chalamalasetty - 13 Sep 2017 - Family & Relationships
    Nikki's talk
    I (Amelia Anderson) was on the youngish side when I became a mum for the first time, so not many of my friends had kids yet. But reflecting back on 24-year old me, I realise I still had adequate time to commit horrendous offences of the crap gift-giving kind. So, I’ve decided to write this post as my penance as I beg those friends who paved the path before me for their forgiveness. There’s a saying “You don’t know what you don’t know”. I used to think this was a bit of a cop-out, an excuse for ignorance. But when it comes to parenting, it’s true – you really don’t know until you’ve been there yourself. Sure, I had little cousins, had worked in childcare throughout the university and was an
    early years teacher. I knew a little about parenting from my comfy perch on the sideline. That smidgen of knowledge was but a drop in the ocean. So here’s a little list of my top 5 gift ideas for new mums. Continue reading

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