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  • Adult Colouring 107: Shading

    Adult Colouring 107: Shading
    Kristi Anderson - 20 Jun 2018 - Arts & Culture
    Cayman Art Fix
    Adult Colouring 107 Shading, is a part of learning how to become a professional colourist. This lesson will take you through how to shade in a step by step process. Check it out! Shading is similar to blending, but involves a single colour gradually becoming lighter or darker. Blending often comes up at this point and is one of the most popular colouring techniques that beginner colorists want to learn. However blending involves creating a gradient where one colour gradually becomes another. But we are not quite there yet.Our next step to becoming a pro at colouring is Shading. Read the source page

      learn to color, adult coloring, shading