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  • Bank Customer Want Personalization Across Channels [Infographic]

    Bank Customer Want Personalization Across Channels [Infographic]
    Skillz Middle East - 11 Feb 2018 - Economy & Marketing
    Skillz Middle East - The Digital Experts in the middle east
    Consumers say they would be willing to see a personalized ad from their bank to help them reach their personal goals for live events such as paying for college, buying an engagement ring and saving for a down payment on a new home. Personalization Across Channels is essential for the bank industry to engage successfully with their clients.I live for more than 9 years in the Middle East. No surprise when I arrived I was surprised that thousands of people had no bank account. The government of Dubai started back in 2009 to enforce a law that employee need to have a bank account to receive their salary. The effect was that the low income forced the banks to establish systems where a company has one single bank account for a group of people since bank charges would consume all their savings. Read the source page

      Personalization Across Channels