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  • Decoding the Future Workforce

    Decoding the Future Workforce
    Cred Force - 08 Jan 2019 - News
    Organizations worldwide are evolving in workforce capabilities. As Artificial Intelligence and automation become the rule of the day, we need to decode the future of work. Organizations across the world are increasingly focusing on outcomes and Key Performance Indicators as more workers choose professional freedom as part of the Gig economy. With nearly 52% of the American workforce projected to be gig economy workers by 2025, the implications are serious for the business leaders of tomorrow. It’s often said that in business the preparation for tomorrow starts with the strategies of today. Another axiom that’s equally pertinent is that one cannot manage what one cannot measure. So, for corporate strategists and business leaders, the what’s and how’s will define their success in the times to come. Read the source page

      workforce capabilities, global workforce