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  • Dine in a 13th Century Palace in Florence - Locale Firenze

    Dine in a 13th Century Palace in Florence - Locale Firenze
    Sally Pederson - 16 May 2018 - Food & Drink
    Luxurious Lifestyles
    Locale Firenze Restaurant, old Palace dating back to the 1200’s. Cellar rooms contain stone arches that may date back to 30-15BC. Situated in the historical noble quarter of the Florence, its first owners were the Bastard Rittaffè family in the 1200s; extensive renovation adding extensions were added in the 1500’s.

    The cellar area was established in the 1200’s on which the 1500’s structure was built. In the 1500’s, the cellar was transformed into the servants’ quarter. It contained two kitchens to ensure that the palace’s prestigious guests and residents were always well accommodated. Once the buildings main entrance in the 1200’s, it was converted into the dining room during the extension in the 1500’s due to the raising of the street levels. Read the source page

      Florence, Italy, Restaurants, Historic Building