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  • Facebook: Is it still necessary for bloggers?

    Facebook: Is it still necessary for bloggers?
    Diana & Brittany - 16 May 2018 - Blogging
    Is Facebook still necessary for bloggers? My mom and I started our own blog a few months ago and while I thought the answer was “no its old news” let me tell you why I’ve since changed my mind. Facebook is still a useful tool for bloggers but not necessarily for the page views. My experience   I still remember the days when Facebook was this generation’s Instagram. It was one of a kind and exciting! It connected everyone and you could get in touch with people you hadn’t seen in years. But as time went by, Facebook got older, newer ‘facebooks’ came out, and like a lot of millennials I got off around the same time my parent’s generation got on. But as you know when starting any business, Facebook is still an eventuality and any blog without that ‘F’ icon well just seems naked… so after years of absence I got back on. Getting Back on Facebook   After going through the motions of setting up a Facebook page, posting daily and using all the right hashtags months went by and…”crickets”. So after much deliberation I decided to get rid of our blogs FB share button altogether… and that lasted for about a day. Like I said any blog without that ‘F’ just somehow doesn’t seem legit. That’s when I realized the answer to the question posed earlier was ‘yes’. Facebook is still necessary, but not for the reason you think. It’s not about the page views. Afterall, over 2 billion people are using those same hashtags and your blog is just a drop in the bucket. However, there are some definite reasons you might not wanna give up on the aging platform just yet. Facebook groups What makes Facebook useful isn’t just the platform itself but it’s ability to connect and support other social media platforms. For example, if you’re looking for Twitter followers there’s a group for that. Need to add some Pinterest group boards to your repertoire to promote your blog? There’s a ton of groups for that too. Read the source page

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