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  • From Kodak to iPhonography – The Evolution of Photography through Social Media

    From Kodak to iPhonography – The Evolution of Photography through Social Media
    Skillz Middle East - 13 Jun 2018 - Photography
    Skillz Middle East - The Digital Experts in the middle east
    30 years ago developing a photo was science, and making the good photo also. The evolution of Photography brought us from Kodak to the iPhonography. Now we are in the era of Millennials and Generation-Y who cannot imagine anymore not to have a camera in every second of their life and post to social media.

    Photography is a universal medium on a personal and professional level, but have you ever thought about how the camera first came into existence? As the centuries have gone by we have watched the process of photography evolve into what it is today. We’ve witnessed vast technological changes and innovation to the point where we are now in an era that values the modern camera smartphone over a DSLR.

    The Kodak to iPhonography Infographic aims to educate those who want to know a brief history of how the camera first came about and how its growth has lead to where it is today. With special thanks to Social Media apps such as Instagram and Pinterest – the demand for better, portable and light image creation has increased phenomenally. Because of such innovative technology in today’s smartphones, there is the talk of the traditional DSLR camera becoming obsolete Read the source page

      History of Photography