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  • High CBD Cannatonic Cannabis Strain Information

    High CBD Cannatonic Cannabis Strain Information
    Jennifer Kurtz - 29 Apr 2018 - News
    Redstorm Scientific
    A Cannatonic Cannabis Strain like others fall under the category of Hybrid Cannabis Strain, but it is a blend of both Sativa and Indica with equal 50 50 ratios. This unique Hybrid is an upshot by the Spanish seed bank Resin Seeds specifically for the low rate of THC. The proportion of CBD: THC in this Strain is 20:1.It is not at all shocking to notice the rapidly growing demand for a Cannabis strain and similarly a considerable number of companies stepping in to increase the supply of a Cannabis strain to meet its large-scale market in the USA, the UK, and Canada, etc. Read the source page

      Cannatonic Cannabis Strain, High CBD