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  • How a $750 Online Course Jumpstarted my Career

    How a $750 Online Course Jumpstarted my Career
    Alisyn Harper - 21 Dec 2017 - Digital Marketing
    Alisyn Harper
    You see, 5 years ago I stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime. I, like so many other young new graduates, so badly wanted to get my very first job in marketing. Being that the world was becoming increasingly more digital, I really wanted to get a job at a Digital Agency. I found myself sitting at my former employer’s desk researching SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM and all of the relevant abbreviations. I taught myself as much as possible in hopes that the skills that I was learning would one day open a door that would lead me to a career in the digital world. And, that is precisely what happened. This is how taking an online advertising course started my DREAM career! Read the source page

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