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  • How does cryptocurrency actually works? [Infographic] » Skillz Middle East

    How does cryptocurrency actually works? [Infographic] » Skillz Middle East
    Skillz Middle East - 11 Dec 2018 - Buzz
    Skillz Middle East - The Digital Experts in the middle east
    So, the easiest way to explain how crypto actually works is to do your research. Isn’t that annoying? When you go to find out how something works and you get told to do your research? Tempson True is COO and PM at and has an extensive background in internet marketing and product management, managing over 50 web products. He holds a Masters in Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication. Tempson True Guest Writer Well, duh! That’s exactly why you’re here, isn’t it? Because we’re so kind and generous, we thought we’d help you out just a little bit by digging into some detail. Put simply, crypto—or cryptocurrency—is a digital form of money. It does have some similarities to regular currencies (currencies such as GBP or USD) but is actually vastly different. Regular money is obviously controlled by a central source i.e. the government of the country that the money belongs and the banks within that system… this can be classed as being centrally controlled, or “centralized.” The basis of cryptocurrency works on a decentralized system and the technology behind that being what’s known as blockchain. This works whereby a transaction that is carried out using cryptocurrency requires a consensus in the system to prevent any form of double-counting. Read the source page

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