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  • How I turned $2,000 into $14,000 in Revenue with Facebook Ads!

    How I turned $2,000 into $14,000 in Revenue with Facebook Ads!
    Alisyn Harper - 22 Dec 2017 - Digital Marketing
    Alisyn Harper
    FACT: Facebook’s Advanced Targeting methods allow you to show your ad to ~100,000 people for around $100?
    I love watching other businesses succeed so here you go… this is how I turned $2,181.65 into $14,972.94 with Facebook Ads!
    100% TRUTH: You can put your product or service in front of Facebook users who are ‘Pet Owners’ who make ‘$50,000-250,000/year’, ‘Own a Home’, and ‘do NOT work in the Pet Industry’.
    This guide will get you on your way to creating a successful Facebook Campaign!
    I will walk you through:
    Landing Page Best Practices/Funnel Offering
    Creating your ad copy
    Finding the correct images
    The Facebook Pixel & Tracking
    Creating your audience(s)
    Optimizing your campaigns
    Along with tutorials, I’ll walk you through a few of my success stories to help make the content applicable and relevant!
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