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  • How to Maximize Productivity - YourDreamTale

    How to Maximize Productivity - YourDreamTale
    YourDreamTale - 09 Oct 2019 - Tips & Tricks
    Staying productive at home or work can be very challenging. When the days end, chances are you are not content with what you have finished. It’s a great thing that productivity only needs the right blend of directed efforts and intelligent planning. Having a goal with a deadline and strictly following it can help maximize your productivity. Most people know how to create goals but, what’s hindering to achieving or completing it the absence of a deadline. List what you would like to succeed personally and professionally. Make sure that they are reachable and ambitious and set a time-frame when to accomplish it. A deadline gives a sense of urgency and serves as a good motivator for pushing you in attaining something big, while also finishing smaller tasks along the way. … Read More

      Productivity, Smart Work, Work Ethics