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  • How to Tell if a Company Tests on Animals or not

    How to Tell if a Company Tests on Animals or not
    Eve - 10 Aug 2018 - Hair & Beauty
    Ethical Vanity
    If there's one thing I always end up arguing about, it's brands who test on animals. There seems to be a fair few blurred lines between what it actually means to be cruelty-free. Here, I'm going to talk you through them.When a company states that it's cruelty-free, the term mightn't have been used in the correct context. The general consensus for cruelty-free implies that a company does not test their products on animals - ANYWHERE. Their ingredients are not being tested by them, or by third party companies on their behalf. I live in the UK, and animal testing is illegal here. Therefore, if I go into a shop to purchase a beauty item, all of the sales assistants and the products' packaging will tell me the brand is cruelty-free. And it is - but only in this area of the world. So when does this become relevant? You need to look into where else the company sells. Read the source page

      Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, Cruelty free, Ethical