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  • It’s Christmas! Time to Don the HR Cape to Save the day

    It’s Christmas! Time to Don the HR Cape to Save the day
    Top CHRO - 08 Jan 2019 - People
    HR leaders going overboard with planning lavish parties to promote a diverse organization is sucking the fun element out of the holiday season for many. It is a part of the HR responsibilities to be considerate towards the sensitivities of the workforce. The festive season is upon us and ‘tis the time for celebrations. But there is a party pooper at the good old office Christmas soiree. The specter of #MeToo haunts and yet another one bites the dust. This year sees a lull in office Christmas parties with just 65% of companies in the US hosting them. This will be the lowest number since the recession when just 62% of companies went in the party mode during Christmas 2009. The lull is not just about a hashtag, but millennials are not overtly enthused over an office party wherein they have to sip some formal drinks with their baby boomer bosses. Read the source page

      diverse organization, hr duties, hr responsibilities