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  • Kantala. traditional handmade vegan handbags!

    Kantala. traditional handmade vegan handbags!
    NewLabelsOnly - 31 Jul 2017 - Shopping
    New Labels Only
    Kantala producing handmade and susutainably made vegan handbags from Sri Lanka. Using a 300 year old tradition and method of creating henna mats, this has been used to create these vegan handbags...

    The bags are made by traditional artisans of Henavala. This production method has been around for 300 years and legend has it that over 300 years ago two brothers presented a hand-woven wall hanging to the then king of Sri Lanka’s last royal kingdom, Kandy and the king was so impressed with their work he bestowed upon them a royal deed settling them in the village of Henavala. Read the source page

      vegan, sustainable, fashion, handbags, ladies

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