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  • Learn How To Unlock Your Power To Succeed

    Learn How To Unlock Your Power To Succeed
    Priya Ghosh - 12 Jun 2018 - Books
    The first time I sat on a speedboat- I was scared as a baby bird ready for its first flight (1. I don’t know swimming. 2. It’s really embarrassing to fall.). I kept telling myself- “I can do this.” Mind over matter. Once the ride started, I felt that electrifying energy running inside me. It was a foggy weather with on and off drizzle sometimes, which made my first speedboat experience even more unforgettable.

    While this isn’t an inspiring example, I learned an important lesson that day, and that is- no matter what your circumstances are, what situation you’re in, always strengthen your willpower. Encourage yourself that you can do it and you’ll get through it. Once you build this mindset, I’m sure you can face any challenge in life. Read the source page

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