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  • Lost in a Tangle of Scent and Emotion

    Lost in a Tangle of Scent and Emotion
    Beka - 07 Jun 2018 - Hair & Beauty
    Ascent can be transformative, comforting, transporting, evocative, and in some instances, worrying or off-putting. How many times has a scent taken you back to a specific moment in your life that was pleasing or distressing? A few days ago, my husband and I visited a friend who is in the hospital and as of now, it appears that person's next destination is likely to be a hospice. When we came home, I headed straight for the bathroom to shower, as all I could smell was the scent of the hospital and the lingerie g swirls of the industrial strength hand wash that seemed to flit around every inch of me with every move I made. Read the source page

      perfume, fragrance, mental health, coping, wellness