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  • My Experience at Dev Nexus - A Professional Developers Conference

    My Experience at Dev Nexus - A Professional Developers Conference
    Dee Delights - 15 Jul 2018 - Sciences & Tech
    Deehive Delights
    My experience at DevNexus - a Professional Developers Conference in Atlanta, GA
    Dev Nexus was the first developer's conference since my journey to becoming a Front End Web Developer started. I was actually honored to be one of the women chosen to receive a scholarship from Women Who Code Atlanta to attend this event. When I got the email informing me that I'd won, I said to myself….Is this real?…they chose me? Well, of course, it's what I've been asking for, I was so grateful to see the universe working in my favor to assist me with pursuing my goal and aspirations and finding out what my purpose it. Speaking my dreams into existence is actually working!
    Being that I'm more of an artsy person, my interest was more focused on the design perspective of development. One session, in particular, was "Why people don't fill out your web forms" by Andrew Malek, a UI developer, and designer at NCR, focusing on POS (point-of-sale) and clientele solutions. He made some pretty good points and tips on how you can "unfrump" your web forms so they don't look like it was designed back in the Nokia phone with the Snake game days.
    For an e-commerce website, a frumpy form can cost you your online sales easily! Being that I plan to utilize one in the future, this gave me some great insight on how its important to include the design aspect throughout the entire development process, not just at the end. It may have to be totally revamped due to ignoring the users experience. Read the source page

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