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  • NHS at 70: Conquering my mental health

    NHS at 70: Conquering my mental health
    Emma Purcell - 07 Jul 2018 - Mind & Body
    Rock For Disability
    This week Britain has been celebrating 70 years of the National Health Service (NHS). For my international readers who may not be aware of what this is - the NHS is a public service that provides UK residents with free healthcare and is funded by the tax payer.
Being disabled, healthcare is a vital part of my life. I've been treated in doctor's surgeries and hospitals for multiple reasons; seizures, hip surgeries, eye surgeries, Botox injections, blood tests, scans, x-rays, orthotics (splints) and most recently having a suprapubic catheter fitted. But as well as my physical health, the past 18 months I've been conquering my mental health.
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