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  • Omnichannel Today And The Secret to Digital Advertising [Infographic]

    Omnichannel Today And The Secret to Digital Advertising [Infographic]
    Skillz Middle East - 04 Dec 2017 - Economy & Marketing
    Skillz Middle East - The Digital Experts in the middle east
    Omnichannel Today, offers a seamless, integrated customer experience, no matter where or how the individual engaged with the brand. Before explaining how Omnichannel today and multi-strategies can work together, let’s define the two. Multi-channel marketing refers to a brand’s efforts to interact with consumers across multi-channels and platforms, while omnichannel marketing takes things to the next level. Often we hear the words “multichannel marketing” or “omnichannel marketing,” and in the past, we have tried to explore their differences. Read the source page

      omnichannel today

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