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  • Quintana Roo, Mexico

    Quintana Roo, Mexico
    Shawntelle Moncy - 10 Aug 2019 - Travel
    For The Love Of Life
    A few months ago I traveled to Cancun Mexico, a place that I think gets highly misunderstood as only a college spring break location. Though I’m not arguing the fact that it is very popular in the spring time to college spring breakers and has a strip that is like a Mexican Vegas, Cancun has so much more to offer. Cancun has a lot of history, in fact, Cancun, I’ve learned actually means the snake nest in Mayan. The snake was a god to the Mayans and all the most popular Mayan ruins are along that area, but there are even small ruins that can be found on the beaches of Cancun if you go out and find them. There are tons of beautiful cenotes (underground rivers), ruins and jungles within this area and though this is the most expensive region in Mexico, compared to the US dollar, it is still relatively inexpensive. Read More

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