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  • Rare Iacocca Ford Mustang heads to Barrett-Jackson auction

    Rare Iacocca Ford Mustang heads to Barrett-Jackson auction
    Conrad Richard - 26 Feb 2018 - Sports
    Mustang Only
    A blog about Ford Mustang, the myth, the legendary American Muscle car, Quote If you're a Ford Mustang fan, you owe a debt of gratitude to Lee Iacocca. He is part of the reason the car came to be, as he helped push it into development and onward to production. The rest is history as the Mustang has been a Ford icon for decades. To honor Iacocca, a 45th anniversary car was created in partnership with a design and coachbuilding team and Galpin Ford. The 2009½ Iacocca Silver Edition Mustang was produced in extremely limited numbers, and one of them is set to hit the auction block. At Barrett-Jackson's upcoming auction in Palm Beach, Florida, example number 20 out of the 45-car run. All of the original cars were initially sold by Galpin Ford, and this one went on to wear just 500 miles. unquote the above text belong to Motor Authority Read the source page

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