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  • REVIEW: Dunkirk 5/5 [SPOILERS!]

    REVIEW: Dunkirk 5/5 [SPOILERS!]
    From Claire's POV - 29 Jan 2018 - Movie
    From Claire's POV
    My reviews are a 100% my honest opinions, whether positive, neutral or negative. I only ask you to respect my opinion on this review. If you have something you want me to review – a book, product, movie, video, topic, let me know in the comments below, on any of my social media or by visiting my contact page here.

    Let’s be honest: the time I spend in anticipation before a new Christopher Nolan movie is often just as nerve-wracking as that spent watching the film. I love Nolan, like a lot. As I sit down on the cinema chair, I get a combination of nervousness, fear, paranoia, and optimism.
    I have experienced this sensation before four Christopher Nolan films, and each of those experiences were, and remain to this day, some of the most special I’ve had inside a movie theatre. Read the source page

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