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  • Road trip back from Los Angeles and a few travel tips

    Road trip back from Los Angeles and a few travel tips
    ANDREA FENISE - 05 Dec 2017 - Travel
    I discovered the beauty of travel at a very young age. I took my first flight alone with my little brother at five years old, who was three, to Pittsburgh, PA. As I sat in first class with my little legs crossed with itchy black tights, I knew that traveling would take me places. I discovered a way to learn, explore and discover new things. Now as an adult, a million years later, I still enjoy traveling. Airplane. Train. Car ---any form of transportation except BOAT--- I'll do. A few weeks ago, I flew to L.A. and took a road trip back because I wanted to say "I traveled across the western part of the United States by car". Here's my experience in photos and a few road trip tips. Read the source page

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