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  • Social Networks are Social Commerce for e-Commerce Gateways

    Social Networks are Social Commerce for e-Commerce Gateways
    Skillz Middle East - 07 Feb 2018 - Economy & Marketing
    Skillz Middle East - The Digital Experts in the middle east
    Social Networks grown like mushrooms over the last decade on the internet. They reached an audience like no other platform on the internet which makes it important to the industry to cooperate with the social network owners. Also, social networks are for their users free and need to earn finally money to please their owner or shareholders. It was a question of time until e-Commerce Gateways find their way how to co-operate with Social Networks. The result, Social Commerce. In today’s Infographic, the team from put a timeline together how the development of social networks get closer to support e-commerce gateways. For example, the most loved media platform Instagram which is shinning with 800 million monthly users (last updated 24.Dec 2017) offers a buy now button which we can find also on YouTube. Multinational eCommerce corporations like eBay are cooperating with this type of trend and bring daily deals to Facebook. Read the source page

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