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  • The 5 Must Have Ingredients for Writer Inspiration Heaven

    The 5 Must Have Ingredients for Writer Inspiration Heaven
    Rachel Scarlet - 05 Sep 2018 - Books
    The five senses are what make us feel the present. We associate them with our emotions. They can evoke whole stories within us, just by feeling one of them. That’s why as writers they are so very important to us. When we read about one of the senses, they are supposed to evoke something within us to imagine a story as more realistic and therefor helps us dig more into the story and make us feel as if we are actually there.

    Today we’ll be looking at how we can use the five senses to gain inspiration to write, we’ll save on how to use them in our writing another time. This time we want you to be inspired by the five sense to prompt you to write and be more inspired. At the end of this post, there will be a free list printable to help you as well! Read the source page

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